Anna mcdonald,  M.D.                      Faculty Physician-   DFM

Anna mcdonald,  M.D.                      Faculty Physician- DFM

Having spent the majority of her life rooted in the southern culture of North Carolina, Dr.McDonald moved to Seattle to see what life would be like on the “best coast”. After completing her undergrad at Duke University, she spent a year living and working in various public health and clinical settings in Guatemala, Peru, and Tanzania – an experience that opened her eyes to the world of global health and convinced her to go to medical school. Several years later, after finishing her MD/MPH at UNC and Harvard she moved to Seattle for residency, where she started her journey with Swedish First Hill as a resident at the DFM clinic in 2011.

She then went on to do a fellowship in Global Health at the University of Washington, during which she spent several months in Peru, completing her Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene. Figuring she had spent enough time in training, she joined the Global Health Service Partnership and moved to Malawi in 2015, where she spent the next 2.5 years helping to develop the first Family Medicine training program in the country. She now splits her time between Seattle and Malawi, working with both American and Malawian trainees in each of the two settings. Her interests include global health, tropical medicine, ultrasound, medical education, and healthcare disparities.