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 Click above for NPR's story of Ballard's Pioneering of PCMH

 Click above for NPR's story of Ballard's Pioneering of PCMH

Clinic Medical Director: Mark Johnson

Location: Located at the Swedish Hospital Campus in downtown Ballard

Population: Ballard has historically been the center of Seattle’s large Scandinavian seafaring community and the patient population is socio-economically diverse. SFM-Ballard was designed partly to meet the unique challenges in this community with a large percentage of self-employed, unemployed, or small business owners who cannot afford private insurance but who are also not eligible for Medicaid. As a result roughly 20% of SFM-Ballard patient’s participate in a unique monthly self-pay program. The population served also includes 50% Medicaid patients and 10% Medicare Patients.

Staff: 6 Residents (two per year.) Medical team: 2 MA’s, 1 RN, 1 ARNP. Medical team and office space designed to maximize collaboration in complex patient care and chronic disease manage

Payment Model: Patients enrolled in the self-pay program as well as some insurance companies pay a flat monthly fee for all primary care services offered within the clinic. This payment model allows for innovative care delivery system focused on improving clinical outcomes and not on seeing as many patients as possible.

Specialty Clinics: Psychiatry Co-visits, Free behavioral health counseling provided by graduate psychology interns. High procedure volume. Typically colposcopy, arthrocentesis, joint and soft tissue injections, IUD/nexplanon; skin excision/biopsy/I&D, nail removal, paracentesis, LPs, circumcision, hemorrhoid banding.

Features: In office labs including U/A, lipid panel, blood glucose, HgbA1c, Hct, Urine tox, urine buprenorphine.  EKG, NST, Ultrasound.

Other Clinic Highlights

  • Continued Swedish Pilot Project for Medical Home Model with unique payment model allowing for scheduled phone visits, home visits, active management of chronic disease through registries, diabetes group visits, chronic pain group visits
  • 60 minutes new patient visits, 30 minute follow-up visits
  • Suboxone Program