Elizabeth Hutchinson, M.D. Faculty Physician

Elizabeth Hutchinson, M.D.
Faculty Physician

As evidence that Seattle is a wonderful place to live, I am pleased to say that I have been able to spend most of my life here. I attended the University of Washington Undergraduate and Medical School, Swedish Family Medicine Residency program, and most recently worked at an International Community Health Clinic in South Seattle. My decision to pursue medical training came after living two years in Kenya where adequate health care is a rare commodity and its impact in people’s lives is tremendous. Family medicine seemed the specialty best suited to serve a broad range of patients and to provide them with comprehensive care. This choice has been exceptionally fulfilling.

As a recent member on the faculty at Swedish Family Medicine, I am excited to be part of a wonderful training community. My interests in teaching are in women’s health, international health, and sports medicine. This is an exciting time of change in health care delivery both nationally and at Swedish. And I am excited to be a part of developing and implementing new ways of delivering care that will increase access and improve satisfaction for both patients and doctors locally and nationally.

My husband and two sons provide abundant joy in my life. We enjoy spending time outdoors in any capacity whether it is baseball in the park, hiking in the incredible mountains surrounding Seattle, or going for a run in the rain.