ANNA BAZINET, MD - FIRST HILL                                                                          

I grew up in Bozeman, Montana rambling around in the mountains with two artist parents.  They always encouraged me to pursue my interest in nature and science, while the family environment provided a strong appreciation for art and culture. This led me to attend Wesleyan University for a degree in Biology and Environmental Studies.  After college, I lived in New York where I first worked on the Clearwater, Pete Seeger's tall ship, sailing around the Hudson River teaching children the importance of river restoration.  Soon after that, I worked as a research coordinator for clinical trials of new ovarian cancer treatments at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. 

Itching for more access to the outdoors and time on the water, I was excited about the opportunity to return west and attended the University of Washington for a Masters in Environmental Health. Through my graduate studies, I became involved with groups working on the Duwamish River, a Superfund site in south Seattle.  My research focused on fish consumption behaviors of food insecure individuals around the Puget Sound.  This work enhanced my understanding and awareness of the health inequities in our country and around the world, which drives my work in public health and will likely have a huge impact in my career in medicine. During medical school, I had the opportunity to put my passion into action by participating in a 6-month fellowship focusing on women’s health and HIV prevention in Gondar, Ethiopia, a challenging and illuminating experience.

I am thrilled to be joining the team at Swedish First Hill because of its commitment to underserved populations, its training in full-spectrum care, and its wonderful people.  I am specifically interested in preventative medicine, refugee medicine, and women’s health, with the possibility of more global health in the future.  

When not working, I enjoy being outside: sailing, backpacking, mountaineering, and playing ultimate Frisbee.  I also enjoy hosting dinner parties, reading, and hanging out with my husband Oliver!


KELSEY CLINE, MD - BALLARD                                                                           

I grew up on beautiful Camano Island, Washington surrounded by evergreens, the Puget Sound, and Mt. Baker radiating in the distance. I left home to attend Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania where I majored in Biology and Psychology and played Varsity Soccer. While in college I returned in the summer to shadow my hometown family doctor, which is where I first fell in love with family medicine.

After graduation, I worked as a fellow at the National Institute of Mental Health outside of Washington, DC, conducting research on people with Schizophrenia. I decided it was time to return home to the Pacific Northwest and worked for the University of of Washington researching patient-physician communication before entering medical school.

I’ve been fortunate to spend the last four years attending University of Washington School of Medicine (UWSOM). I served as an elected member of the UWSOM Medical Student Association, including serving as student body president, and was selected as a member of UW’s Gold Humanism Honor Society chapter.

My rural upbringing informs my commitment to providing care to the under-served and treating individuals within the context they live. I completed a Sub-I rotation at Swedish First Hill and fell in love the intelligent and kind people, the patients, and the program’s commitment to health equity. My husband and I live in Wallingford, and we look forward to continue making our home here and enjoying the amazing state we grew up in.

VOLKMAR GAUSSMANN, MD - FIRST HILL                                                                          

I was born and raised in Germany and came to the U.S. in 1992 to study Business at the University of Washington. After graduation I was mostly self-employed. Life was good but something was missing. My son's cancer prompted me to go back to medical school, and I am thankful every day for this opportunity.

LEA HELLER, MD - FIRST HILL                                                                          

I grew up in Ventura, California where I played shooting guard on the Ventura High School Cougars (our opponents always loved the name) team and went to UCLA to study physiological science for undergrad. After spending a summer shadowing Family Medicine residents in my hometown, I took the plunge and signed up for the MCAT. Before starting medical school, I spent a year coordinating brief primary care interventions for ‘at risk’ drug users in east Los Angeles and then traveled to Argentina and Chile for three months, learning Spanish and adventuring.

For medical school, I decided to move to another region of the U.S. and experience winter, so I attended the Medical College of Wisconsin near Milwaukee.  During medical school, I had the opportunity to engage with the diverse Milwaukee community, from serving as a primary care provider at our student run free clinic to counseling and leading workshops through our homeless outreach program.

While I started medical school interested in primary care, these experiences confirmed that Family Medicine was the career for me. I am excited to begin my full spectrum training at First Hill alongside my passionate co-residents and faculty dedicated to community advocacy.

I also can’t wait to move to the P.N.W with my partner and our dog. We go bike riding, hiking, and play soccer when we can, otherwise I enjoy reading, playing basketball, baking, traveling, and exploring new restaurants and coffee shops (another huge perk of Seattle).

DANIEL HERRADOR, MD - BALLARD                                                                          

I'm a born and raised Californian, though my family is from El Salvador. They moved here with my older brother (who now lives in Puyallup) in the mid-80s to find better educational and vocational opportunities, as well as to avoid the Salvadoran Civil War. Growing up I was a bit of a nerd so I spent a lot of time indoors getting lost in the stories told through role-playing games like Final Fantasy and Pokémon. I still keep up with video games when I have the time, so be careful as I might totally nerd-out on you if you get me started on this topic.

After my parents split, growing up was a bit rough with my mom trying to finish school, raise me (my brother, being 10 years older, was out of the house at this time), and work at the same time. My earliest memories of medicine are going to public/free clinics to seek care since we usually didn't have insurance for us. In fact, my mom didn't actually have any insurance coverage until the ACA helped her obtain some! I remember the passion that these doctors, nurses, and staff had for caring for their patients, most of which were overwhelmingly poor, under-served, monolingual Spanish Speakers like us. It makes a huge difference when you have a provider who looks like you and has some insight as to the culture you come from.

I went to undergrad at Stanford University, majoring in Biology. I thought I was going to do biochemical bench research initially, but I began to find a deep appreciation for storytelling and teaching, and felt that medicine would have been a much better fit than being in a laboratory. I also came out as gay in college as my high school was not a safe space for queer folk to explore and express themselves and found a warm and loving LGBTQ community in the San Francisco Bay Area. I did a combined MD/MS program called the Joint Medical Program (JMP) at UCSF and UC Berkeley, with extra training on how to best serve urban under-served communities through the UCSF Program in Medical Education for the Urban Under-served (PRIME-US). Both JMP and PRIME-US have instilled in me not only the need for excellent clinical physicians, but also the need for physicians who will stand up and resist the institutional forces that keep our vulnerable patients locked in cycles of trauma, and use our voice to advocate for real change in our larger institutional systems.

These days I'm very active with LMSA and their LGBT Caucus, as well as with the San Francisco Gay Softball League with whom I've played with for over 6 years. My clinical interests include body image concerns, especially in the LGBTQ community, as well as both HIV and Transgender primary care. I look forward to serving all of our patients in and outside of the Swedish network, especially our underserved populations.

DIANA HUANG, MD - FIRST HILL                                                                           

I am the child of Chinese immigrants who valued education above all else. I grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA and developed aspirations to become a physician at an early age. I diligently completed bioengineering and neuroscience coursework at the University of Pittsburgh in preparation for medical school, but felt disconnected from the therapeutic relationships that I believed were central to being a good doctor. Some soul-searching (and an internet banner ad) led me to move in with my sister in Seattle, where I started a massage therapy program to get some hands-on experience with 'patients'. 

Massage school was a transformative experience; it taught me the power of listening, or a gentle touch, and the skills to build rapport with strangers. Most of all, I learned from my diverse classmates. From contractors to artists to nurses, many of them had come to massage school after negative encounters with the healthcare system. Their stories opened my eyes to how patients (and healthcare workers) can experience medicine as dehumanizing and profit-driven, and awakened in me a passion to better understand the system and work to create better experiences.   

When I started medical school at Temple, I was once again moved by my surroundings, this time in the urban under-served community of North Philadelphia. I enrolled in the Masters in Urban Bioethics program at my school to better understand the challenges and strengths of the urban environment, and developed a further passion for social justice and health equity. It was clear that family medicine was the specialty for me, where I could be not only a physician, but also an advocate for my community. Throughout medical school, I took on leadership roles in the American Medical Student Association (AMSA), American Medical Association (AMA), American College of Medical Quality (ACMQ), and in many other campus activities to help educate myself on the issues and contribute to the conversation.

I’m so thrilled to be joining the Swedish – First Hill family and am excited to see how the next couple years will change me. In my free time, I love reading, listening to podcasts, enjoying nature, and eating good food. I can’t wait to explore the city further and spend more time with my sister, her fiancé, and their two dogs.

RYAN KARTHEISER, MD - FIRST HILL                                                                         

After moving around to several small Midwestern towns as a kid, my family finally settled down just outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I attended Grinnell College in Iowa, where I studied Chinese and Biochemistry, met my future wife Paige, and had my first experiences with medicine and public health while volunteering at the local free clinic. From there we moved to Nanjing, China to teach English for a year, and then to Portland, Oregon, where I worked in a research lab at OHSU and fell in love with the scenery, weather and culture of the Pacific Northwest. We decided to return to Wisconsin for medical school at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, but having married an Oregonian I had to promise we would ultimately come back to the Northwest (and needed no convincing to do so).

I plan to use my skills as a family physician to work with diverse, medically-underserved populations in the urban setting. I am also aware that good medical care is just one part of what makes communities healthy, so I pursued a Master of Public Health degree to learn how to address community-level factors that lead to health, with a focus on improving access to green space for underserved communities. In my free time you can find me getting outdoors with my son Ralph, baking bread, playing banjo or searching for the perfect IPA.

Oulton, Jeremy MD-8076-Edit for Web.jpg

JEREMY OULTON, MD - FIRST HILL                                                                           

I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and was a Physiology major for undergrad and graduate school at the University of Arizona, where I continued on to complete medical school. After 28 years in the Southwest, I decided it was time to leave the saguaros and dust for the Southwest for lush green parks, the beautiful waterways, and outstanding Family Medicine training of the PNW! I learned in my experiences throughout medical school that I was looking for a cohesive residency group who shared values of caring for the under-served and addressing barriers to healthcare. I am driven to Family Medicine for its foundational role in child, adult, and women’s health issues as well as the unique position to care for all populations regardless of age. I am honored to be at Swedish First Hill with some outstanding peers, faculty, and staff who share my desire to care for patients of all backgrounds.  

In my free time, I like to explore nature in the form of camping and hiking. I don’t have experience in snow sports but I will definitely be attempting something. I also greatly enjoy brewing beer, cooking and experimenting with new ingredients, and someday going back to raising poultry.. 

COLLIN SCHENK, MD - DFM                                                                           

I grew up in Lebanon, Tennessee, home to W.E.B. Du Bois’ school from “The Souls of Black Folk”, as well as the original Cracker Barrel. My parents’ careers sparked my early interest in medicine and social justice, and I got an early taste of global health through visiting extended family working abroad. I studied Health and Societies with a concentration in global health at the University of Pennsylvania. My work with a student-run health care and education nonprofit in Kolkata, India provided practical field experience to complement what I learned about health inequities in the classroom. Between undergrad and college, I spent two years wandering and working abroad and domestically to prepare me for the long struggle for health justice. During medical school at the University of Pittsburgh, I focused on social medicine curriculum development, local racial justice advocacy, and rural community engagement.

I was fortunate to find a family medicine community in Pittsburgh that showed me the potential for our specialty to address the structural determinants of health while providing rigorous patient-centered care. I came to Swedish First Hill for its broad-spectrum training, commitment to social justice, and location in my ideal city. Seattle’s coffee and outdoors opportunities are so far living up to expectations!

JULIA STELLA, MD - DFM                                                                           

I was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and attended the University of Michigan for both undergraduate and medical school. After 20+ years as a Wolverine, you could say I truly bleed Maize and Blue. I took some time off after undergrad to venture outside of Ann Arbor and teach English in Granada, Nicaragua, where I spent my free time travelling around Central America. While in medical school, I volunteered as a patient advocate at Hope Clinic, a free clinic outside of Ann Arbor, and worked at the Corner Health Center, which provides medical care (including prenatal care, contraceptive care, and STI testing), mental health and social services to adolescents and young adults. I also participated in an Ob/Gyn rotation in Ethiopia and played on a recreational volleyball team (the Premature Beats) with other medical students for fun!

Clinically, I am interested in women’s health, adolescent medicine, health education, patient advocacy, preventative care, and social justice. Given these interests, family medicine was the obvious choice. I cannot wait to begin my career as a Family Physician at Swedish First Hill! Although I will miss my Michigan roots, I am excited to venture out of the Mitten to the Pacific Northwest and experience all that Seattle has to offer!

Williams, Anne Marie MD.jpg

ANNE MARIE WILLIAMS, MD - DFM                                                                             

I grew up just outside of Chicago, raised in a family of architects and interior designers. My older brother very obviously got the art gene, leaving me and my younger brother to represent the sciences for the family. I’m a fair-weather Cubs fan and a very fair-weather Midwesterner who is eager to leave snowy winters behind me.

Growing up in one of the most racially segregated areas of the country put questions of inequity on the map for me at an early age. I landed at the University of Chicago to study International Studies. Thinking I was heading towards international development work, a late-night epiphany told me I needed a career that was as action and people-oriented as I was, and I chose medicine.

I attended Harvard for medical school and spent my time exploring how to make medicine realize its potential as a strong tool for justice and equity. That sparked an interest in compassionate and competent care for people with substance use disorders. I’m still keeping my sights on global health, and have done research on community health worker systems and community-level maternal health interventions in Kenya, Sierra Leone, and Uganda.

I identify as queer (LGBT), a feminist, and pro-choice, and those identities inform my practice of medicine and the work I hope to do. I’m excited to join Swedish First Hill where I’ll learn to practice all the parts of family medicine that are important to me—I love deliveries and newborns!—and connect with communities I value.

To relax, I thrive off of spending time with people I care about. I also like to read—fiction, poetry, or political analysis—and play guitar. In a lifetime with more time, I do yoga, run, cook, and dance on weekends. I’m excited to move to Seattle and get better at climbing mountains and biking through the rain!

KATIE WON, MD - DFM                                                                             

I grew up in Chicago’s northwest suburbs and stuck around for college at Northwestern University, where I studied biochemistry and global health. After graduation, I moved to Baltimore to work with the Bon Secours Volunteer Ministry doing patient advocacy and program implementation around intimate partner violence and substance use in a West Baltimore community hospital ED. I loved building relationships with patients I saw time and again in the ED, and witnessing daily the health disparities and the myriad social determinants that contributed got me interested in pursuing primary care and public health.

 With these goals in mind, I moved back to the midwest for medical school at the University of Michigan. There, I became involved in the student-run free clinic and completed an MPH in order to expand my toolbox for working in communities, managing and evaluating programs, and analyzing policy. When I learned about family medicine’s appreciation for family and community context in patient care, emphasis on health behaviors and prevention, and ethic of working toward health equity and social justice, it became clear that family medicine was the perfect fit for me. I was drawn to Swedish First Hill for its commitment to truly full-spectrum family medicine and working with underserved populations both as individual patients and through community engagement and policy advocacy. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to train alongside the supportive, passionate residents and faculty here.

 I’m excited to move to Seattle and have access to mountains, seafood, and good public transit! Given some free time, I enjoy singing, baking, and playing board games, and I’m looking forward to exploring the city and surrounding outdoors with my husband, Steve, and my co-residents.