Howard Uman, M.D. Faculty Pediatrician

Howard Uman, M.D. Faculty Pediatrician


Dr. Uman has been a preceptor in the family medicine clinic since 2000.

In July, 2005, he joined the Family Medicine faculty half-time, with expanded responsibilities in teaching Outpatient Pediatrics.

In 2014, he joined the Faculty full time and established the Inpatient Rotation for R1’s with Elizabeth Meade, MD, and the Pediatric Hospitalist team at the Swedish Medical Center Inpatient Pediatrics Unit.  

He was in practice for 22 years and taught Pediatric Residents as a Pediatric Inpatient Attending at Children's Hospital for 25 years.

Dr. Uman completed 1 year of Specialty Training at the Child Development Project at the University of Michigan and an additional year as a Behavioral Pediatrics Fellow at Seattle Children’s Hospital. He founded and directs the Swedish ADD Clinic.