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Beginning September 2014 a partnership between Swedish Family Medicine Residency (SFMR), College of Medicine in Malawi (COM) and SEED Global Health formed to increase the academic presence of family medicine in Malawi.  This partnership involves a long-term commitment of both faculty and senior residents.  The goals of this partnership are to improve the training environment for Malawian students and residents, support the health system’s efforts to deliver comprehensive, integrated care, and to provide US residents an opportunity to develop new knowledge and skills and to advocate for individual and community health in resource-poor settings.  

 Malawi Global Health Rotation Information 2018-2019

University of Malawi, College of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine

University of Washington, School of Medicine, Family Medicine Residency Network (WWAMI)

SEED Global Health

For more information or questions please contact:

Anna McDonald MD, MPH -
Mark Padillo – (Malawi Rotation Coordinator)
Carrie Schonwald - (*providence residents only*)


Special thanks to Stevie Mann with IRLI for taking and allowing use of the Malawi farm landscape picture!