OB Fellowship Program Information


The mission of the Obstetrics Fellowship at Swedish Family Medicine is to provide advanced training in high-risk obstetrics and newborn care to family practitioners who will work in underserved communities.


  • Provide competent prenatal care to pregnancies complicated by diabetes, hypertension, twin gestation, thyroid disease, cardiac disease, renal disease, and mental health disorders.

  • Stabilize and treat pregnant patients hospitalized for pre-term labor, pre-eclampsia, diabetes, and placental disorders.

  • Attain competency in operative obstetrics, including cesarean section, instrumented deliveries, tubal ligation, and amniocentesis for assessment of fetal lung maturity. Provide post-operative care for such patients .

  • Perform biophysical profile and dating ultrasound.

  • Counsel obstetric patients regarding genetic risk.

  • Resuscitate distressed newborns.

  • Provide ongoing care to the hospitalized newborn.

  • Maintain family practice clinical skills.

  • Develop and maintain competency in teaching obstetrics to family practice residents



  1. Provide initial consultation and ongoing prenatal care to patients in the First Hill offices of Obstetrix. Focus will be on patients referred from family practice clinics. Visits will be precepted by the perinatalologist. Fellows are expected to provide thorough evaluation to 1 to 2 patients each half day.

  2. Admit and manage patients admitted to the antepartum service. Daytime evaluation will be provided by the fellow on the antepartum service, nighttime evaluation by the fellow on labor and delivery call.

  3. Labor and Delivery

    1. Evaluate obstetric patients and their fetal monitoring strips in triage

    2. Provide labor management, vacuum and forceps deliveries to obstetric patients in the teaching panel.

    3. Perform cesarean sections as primary surgeon with obstetric members of the Teaching Panel. Surgical skill level at the beginning of the fellowship will determine when the fellow is ready to be the primary surgeon.

    4. Perform post-partum tubal ligation on teaching panel patients.

  4. Perform biophysical profile and dating ultrasounds in the offices of Obstetrix.

  5. Co-counsel patients referred to genetics counselors at Obstetrix.

  6. Perform newborn resuscitations under the supervision of the neonatal nurse practitioner. Resuscitations will include intubations and umbilical vein catheterizations.

  7. Admit and manage newborns in stepdown unit of the special care nursery. Care will be supervised by neonatal nurse practitioner.

  8. Supervise resident care of family practice patients by precepting two clinics per week, both at Downtown Family Medicine and at First Hill.

  9. Supervise obstetric service rounds during labor and delivery weeklong rotation. Teach R1s on the obstetric service basic obstetrics, including triage evaluation, cervical exams, labor management, pitocin augmentation, IUPC, FSE, and vaginal delivery.

Applicants interested in an OB Fellowship position should review the application information below and direct any questions about the application process to Liz Stahl