We offer a full-time 4 week inpatient sub-internship in collaboration with the University of Washington for fourth-year students currently enrolled in LCME or Osteopathic accredited medical schools. The rotation provides students an opportunity to work intensively with our inpatient service team, learn more about our residency program, and advance their medical knowledge and clinical skills. Medical students enrolled in a sub-internship are important members of our inpatient Family Medicine Service (FMS), which consists of three R1’s, two R2’s, a supervising R3 and a family medicine faculty attending. Sub-interns assume the responsibilities of an intern and work closely with senior residents and faculty to manage a wide range of presentations in adult and pediatric patients from admission to discharge.  

Sub-interns should anticipate working six days per week with an average of 2-3 call days per week and 1 week of night float. There is the opportunity to spend an afternoon in each of our outpatient clinics to learn more about each site. Medical students will be responsible for their own housing, transportation and food during their rotation. After enrolling, please communicate about any anticipated schedule requests as early as possible.

The Sub-I application time-frame is from January 15th 2019 to March 15th 2019 for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Applying FOR A Sub-Internship

UW Students: The University of Washington School of Medicine coordinates your sub-internship directly. Once approved you will be contacted by our residency program ahead of the start of your sub-internship.

Visiting (Non-UW) Students: In order to be considered for a sub-internship you must submit an application directly to the residency. Your application must include the following:

1. Personal statement including: a. A description of your goals for an Advanced Family Medicine Rotation, and how you believe these goals may be met by a rotation at our site. b. A description of your interest in working with our residency program. c. A description of any areas of special interest in Family Medicine.

2. Your Curriculum Vitae

3. Copies of Medical School Transcripts (unofficial transcripts are acceptable)

4. Dates of interest for sub-internship (see available time slots below)

Available Sub-I Blocks 2019-2020 05/27/19 - 06/21/19 09/23/19 - 10/18/19 11/18/19 - 12/13/19 02/03/20 - 02/28/20 03/30/20 - 04/24/20 

Completed applications will be reviewed by our site director. By 04/01/2019 you will be notified if you have been approved for a rotation slot or placed on our wait-list. Please note that, even if approved, due to logistics and the limited number of spots available, we may offer to put you on a wait-list should there be a conflict between the program calendar and your availability.

Once approved and a date for the rotation is selected you will need to apply to the UW Sub-Internship Program (UW FAMMED 688) to ensure qualifications are met and to enroll through UW.

In the meantime, you will find additional information for visiting (non-UW) students in the University of Washington School of Medicine website, UW Network.  The site describes the criteria for accepting visiting students into the University of Washington system from other U.S. medical schools. As a visiting student, you will focus on information and instructions for visiting students (and not instructions for current UW students). 

Please contact Giselle Mitchell for more information about our sub-internships.

Thank you and we look forward to receiving your application,

Karl Dietrich, MD MPH Faculty Coordinator, Sub-Internship Rotation