For fourth-year students currently enrolled in a LCME or Osteopathic accredited medical school, we offer an inpatient sub-internship rotation in collaboration with the University of Washington (UW course 688). This experience typically lasts 4 weeks and is full-time. The rotation provides students an opportunity to work intensively with our inpatient service team. The inpatient Family Medicine Service (FMS) provides care to a wide range of adult and pediatric patients admitted by a panel of family physicians, general internists, subspecialty internists and pediatricians. The inpatient team consists of an R-1, two or three R-2's, a supervising R-3, and a family medicine faculty attending. The clinical problems seen are ones important to practicing physicians, such as pneumonia, meningitis, heart failure, abdominal pain, diabetes, AIDS, stroke, asthma, and complications of pregnancy. 

UW Students.  The University of Washington School of Medicine coordinates your sub-internship directly.  You will be contacted by our residency program ahead of the start of your sub-internship.

Visiting (Non-UW) Students.  To apply for a fourth-year sub-internship, and prior to applying as a visiting student to the University of Washington, please contact Giselle Mitchell indicating interest, and you will receive information on general program requirements.

In the meantime, you will find additional information for visiting (non-UW) students in the University of Washington School of Medicine website, UW Network.  The site describes the criteria for accepting visiting students into the University of Washington system from other U.S. medical schools. As a visiting student, you will focus on information and instructions for visiting students (and not instructions for current UW students). 

Application Steps for UW Students | Application Steps for Visiting Students

Karl Dietrich, M.D. is the faculty coordinator of the Fourth-Year Sub-Internship rotation.

Please contact Giselle Mitchell for more information about our sub-internships.